F1 2021 Review - The Good, The Bad & The Racing Line

F1 2021 is the newest instalment to the franchise, whilst being the first to include next-gen consoles. Time to get behind the wheel and see what makes F1 2021 among the best in the series!

F1 2021 has plenty of content and features, which is fantastic news for those who plan to purchase this year's title. F1 2021 will be releasing on 16th July 2021, whilst the Deluxe Edition releases on the 13th, with additional bonuses and digital goodies!

The Deluxe Edition includes three-day early access, 18,000 Pitcoin and the Braking Point content pack, with seven iconic drivers to enhance your MyTeam experience, including Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna. The standard edition includes the Braking Point content pack and 5,000 Pitcoin.

Braking Point is a new story-based mode, which is around 6 hours long and follows Aiden Jackson through his F2 & F1 career. That makes Braking Point the perfect place to get to grips with F2 & F1 cars. The Braking Point mode is a welcome addition, adding plenty of value to the experience. 

F1 2021's career mode has plenty of fantastic features, including MyTeam and a two-player career mode option, filling a gap regarding multiplayer content. This mode allows you to play online and co-operatively win the Constructors Championship or battle it out to win the Driver's Championship! There is no shortage of fun and excitement in the career mode. 

F1 2021's multiplayer mode has adopted a more user-friendly and accessible approach in this year's title, which means newcomers won't be overwhelmed, thanks to a beginner-friendly option, which takes a more casual style to the hectic and fast-paced sport. Veterans of F1 games will have an experienced player option as well. This option includes standard racing and custom lobbies to suit all abilities. PS4 & PS5 players can play together, but crossplay isn't available currently.

F1 2021 has plenty going for it and takes the franchise to new heights, despite the audio being a slight letdown regarding the ambience. The HUD is less intrusive, which is a real positive for those who found this annoying in previous titles. 

The graphics feel very similar to F1 2020. However, the addition of next-gen platforms makes for an improvement in this area. On PS5, the game uses the Dualsense features effectively, including adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, which adds depth to the overall experience. 

F1 2021 puts you firmly in the driving seat and makes you want to grip on tight, making this one of the PS5's early pioneers in driving games and sets a gold standard for future titles. 

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