My review of the film Frozen

The story is about a queen called Elsa who has ice powers. She runs away from the town because she is worried her ice powers will hurt people. Her sister Anna has to go and find her to try to get Elsa back, she wants her to come back to the town so that she can save everyone and save summer. The film has a lot of magic in it. The interesting thing is how one person has the power and the others don't.

Elsa is the protagonist and Anna is like a very strong supporting character, she doesn't have her own fairy tale like being kissed by a frog or losing a shoe or something like that, but she is very important in the film. Prince Hans is the villain but he doesn't have any powers. When you first see him he doesn't seem like a villain. I had a suspicion he was but thought he probably wouldn't be but at the end he is definitely the villain. There is a little snowman that talks. He is called Olaf. He brings a lot of funnyness and crazyness into the film.

The songs in the film help you know what you are going to watch. When Elsa sings Let It Go she is basically singing about not hiding her powers any more, she flings them out, she doesn't care what people think any more. She takes her cloak off and throws it in the air, she lets her hair down, she changes her outfit completely. Before that moment she is hiding her powers and after that moment she is showing her powers.

The film is good. I like the magic and the art, and there is a lot of weird things as well. One thing I wonder is when Elsa uses her powers to make clothes where do the old ones go?

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Olivia Bourbousson

Olivia Bourbousson

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  • Tamsine Kempthorne

    On 19 June 2021, 17:38 Tamsine Kempthorne commented:

    Interesting review Olivia. Let it Go really is a pivotal moment in the film isn't it? I love your drawing of Olaf! Do you know, it had never occurred to me that Elsa's clothes must go somewhere!

  • Sarah Bourbousson

    On 19 June 2021, 19:12 Sarah Bourbousson commented:

    This is a brilliant review, Olivia. It really helped me to understand what the film is about.

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