Brighton Fringe Review: Better Red Than Dead

There aren’t many things that Des Kapital answers to, but Britney Spears' hit single “Trotsky” is certainly one of them. 

Brighton Fringe Review: Better Red Than Dead

It was a full house for Des, a crowd of like-minded Brightonians, and those they dragged along for the ride. Described as the “pop star of the proletariat”, Des Kapital graced the stage in a bespoke red boiler suit and a bounty of socialist accoutrements. As the reigning winner of “Strictly Commune Farming”, Des promised an evening of revolutionary revelry. He did not disappoint. 

Putting the “sick” in “hammer and sickle”, Des swiftly delivered a willing audience into the left-ern hemisphere within the first few lyrics. Karaoke doesn’t quite cut it — Des offered a socialist kingdom replete with Robbie Williams tributes and a Madonna classic. Oasis has nothing on the hit tune “wonder” — oh, no sorry, “Berlin” wall, one of the many profound reworks of golden oldies. If you can catch this show, you’re in for a bourgeois treat.

Let’s not forget the very red elephant in the room — audience participation. Props to comrade Corrine who graciously took to the stage like a fish to the red dead sea. Following a COVID conscious win, Des kindly reminds us that her winnings are — “not much, and you have to share them with everyone.” Such is life!

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