Brighton Fringe Review: Two Super Super Hot Men

It's not everyday you see sand in the kettle or leaves as hands - meet the Chuckle Brothers of climate change: Alan and Ron. 

Brighton Fringe Review: Two Super Super Hot Men

As a general rule, a boiled kettle leads to a leisurely catch up or a well deserved tea break. But what happens when the milk has gone off and the radio won't quite tune into that obscure channel only really listened to by those over a certain age?

The show begins with an introduction to two lovable misfits and the lengthy road to a cuppa - Alan and Ron are sound designers at heart, building an alternative sonic narrative to an Attenborough-esque voice over. I'm no stranger to a documentary, but these super super hot men are far from it - this is a raucous reminder of the joys of physical comedy and slick writing.

Some would say this is a love letter to the climate chaos we find ourselves in, others would say a loving ode to a plant led future. I would say these super, super hot men provide a sweaty insight into lighthearted and innovative sound design. Alan and Ron offer a soundtrack by way of Jacob's finest cream crackers and sandy Lurpak, or should I say, Sandi Toksvig? The jokes keep coming, as the temperature increases, along with a sexual tension firmly rooted in... foliage. It's not long before Carol the fern has gained a sun-kissed glow, the watering cans have made their way off stage, and as fractious friendships wane, Ron has cried: "Sometimes I wish you were more like Carol. Sat in a bowl of dirt." We've all been there.

Take yourself to the Oil Shed stage for a fun filled afternoon. It's not everyday we get the pleasure of crocheted genitalia. Get your tickets here.

Header Image Credit: Josie Tucker and Richard Ashton


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