Review of The extremely embarrassing life of Lottie Brooks by Amelie

This is my review of The extremely embarrassing life of Lottie Brooks.

Review of The extremely embarrassing life of Lottie Brooks by Amelie

The extremely embarrassing life of Lottie Brooks is a relatable funny book about an eleven and 3/4 year old girl starting secondary school. It is set in England 2021 and so is very new. As an 11 year old girl myself I know a lot about the subjects and I feel Katie Kirby has captured each problem and added humor to it. 

It really felt like a diary without writing a dear diary. It almost felt like she was talking to me. I loved it so much that my best friend read it as well  because I thought  that she would enjoy it too. I was devastated when I finished it because I loved the book so much that I wanted to continue reading it so much.

I especially loved the illustrations of stick figures, it really added to the diary feel. I liked that they were really detailed but simple enough for anyone to draw them. I also liked that they were humourous and felt like they represented what Lottie would draw. I found the whole book hilarious .

I can't wait till March 2022 when the sequel comes out. It will be interesting to see how Lottie and her new friend adapt to her best friend returning. I am curious about how that will change the dynamic between them. I hope Katie Kirby creates a book just as good as this one. This book gets a 9 out of 10 from me as there's always room for improvement. 

Header Image Credit: Katie Kirby

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