WandaVision Review

While doing my Silver Award I watched the MCU's WandaVision and decided to write a review for my Unit One.

WandaVision Review

After the heartbreaking ending of Avengers: Endgame, Marvel fans lost all hope. In the coming year, hope was restored when we were promised multiple new films and tv shows. However, the apocalyptic hit of the pandemic resulted in the production of films being put on hold. On January 15th, the miniseries WandaVision was released, causing an eruption of happiness from the Marvel fan base. 

WandaVision explored different time decades, beginning from the fifties onwards. Using much-loved shows from the Dick Van Dyke Show to Modern Family for inspiration, they effectively gained the audience's love. It was really enjoyable to be able to watch how TV has changed throughout the years, each week as they went through different decades taking inspiration from shows at the time. 

The show uses many effective techniques to gain the audience's attention. The first two episodes of the mini-series are black and white. However, in the second episode, Wanda finds a toy helicopter in her garden. While the rest of the surroundings are black and white, the helicopter was red and yellow. The contrast immediately captures the attention of the audience as it shows that the world Wanda made is changing. The same technique was used in films like Schindler's List and Rumble Fish

Like most MCU features, WandaVision is very fast-paced and may be difficult for some viewers to wrap their heads around. However, in the end, the show comes together to create a truly heartbreaking yet entertaining finale.

Actors Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany soon shot to the top of IMDb's 'Most Popular Celebrities' list. Olsen effectively played the character of Wanda Maximoff showing the traumatic past in the young woman's past. After being in five of the MCU's previous features, it was great for Marvel fans to see the lovable Elizabeth Olsen starring in her own television series as our favorite witch Wanda Maximoff.

Watching WandaVision was inspiring as it gave an accurate representation of shows. I felt that the way the script was transformed onto the screen was effective. The show effectively creates tension throughout the show while also having light comedy throughout. I would definitely recommend WandaVision to watch.

WandaVision is an emotional rollercoaster, streaming on Disney+.

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Erin Fenlon

Erin Fenlon

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  • Imogen Thompson

    On 30 March 2021, 19:12 Imogen Thompson commented:

    Brilliant Erin! It's very insightful and shows your love for the Marvel Universe! Well done :)

  • Annabel Weeden

    On 5 May 2021, 14:26 Annabel Weeden commented:

    Hi Erin! This is a wonderful review - beautifully written and I really like how you've compared the stylistic qualities of the film making to other films.

    How would you say your understanding of film/TV has changed from watching this? would you recommend it?
    How did the creative aspects enhance the programme (like the helicopter moment)
    The big question - would YOU recommend the programme?!
    Annabel x

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