Review of Joker (2019)

This is my review on the 2019 film Joker

The film joker was made in 2019 and is based in Gotham city, USA it is directed by Todd Philips.

The story follows mentally ill Arthur fleck and his decent into madness. The film also shows the contrast between wealthy and poor and the conflict this has caused. Joker falls into three genres such as thriller, crime and action. The film uses a unreliable narrator to convey the mystery and instability around the character and as for the narrative structure, this appears to be pretty linear until the end where it is revealed this may have just been a false memory manufactured by Arthur. However, there are moments where the film creates a false event that Arthur is entirely imagining to throw the audience off. The film breaks away from the stereotypes of a superhero genre, with exaggerated punches and sounds, instead joker routes itself in a more realistic sound highlighting the films main belief that all it takes is bad thing to happen to the wrong person. As the film is based in the 1980s Phillips wanted to use lenses that felt natural to the 1980s setting. Throughout the film the frame rate changes to highlight Arthurs loss in sanity.

The film is based in impoverished Gotham city during the 1980s. everything in the film represents the era, from clothing to actors look to the setting of the filming. The film is excellent at the way it aims itself towards a group of people. For example it is targeted towards superhero movie fans while it also targets itself towards newer fans of this genre through its easy to follow story. I felt the film was an exceptional way to portray the classic character of the joker, without straying too far from the original source material. Everything about the film is exceptional from the acting, to the directing to the writing and camera work. This has inspired me to look into Todds work more as I believe he is brilliant at telling new stories in a different way to which the audience is used to. I would recommend this film to any fan of the superhero genre, and anybody who is interested in thriller and crime films.

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