Unit 1C Online gallery review Ibrahim Niang Ndiaye

I did an online gallery visit as I couldn't go in person.

I went to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (online) and Tate Modern Gallery, London (online). I did a virtual tour in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery of all floors and looked at online collection of fine art I did a virtual tour at the Tate Modern Gallery, London and looked at room two in the Start Display, looked at Henri Matisse the Snail and did an image analysis. I went on the Monday 18th January and on the Tuesday 2nd February.

In Birmingham Gallery tour you could click on the map and see any room. We looked all round and visited the gallery store. We visited some of their facilities like the kids room Mini Museum. I clicked on the map and I clicked on the ruler measured the paintings etc.

In Tate modern I looked at the snail in room two. Looked at the shop and whole art collection. I done a image analysis of the snail after I read about it and listened to the audio.

There was painting, drawing and collage and different types of art. I have never seen painting like that before but this gave me the opportunity to go online and visit the Tate modern and have done a virtual tour online.

I have experienced and learned loads of new things during the online virtual tour for example different types of art you can see in a gallery. For example some types I had never seen before and how you search for different types of art on Birmingham Gallery was good like painting or sculpture, any category.

It was good that I have seen loads of different art and I was able to measure them in the Birmingham Gallery so I knew how big they are. I was able to read every painting description. I thought it was too small at first but I zoom in. I went to the shops online and different room like the mini museum. I could see the whole building and move around. In the tate I could see different rooms and listen to the audio. I have learned loads of things about art and paintings during the virtual tour the only thing I didn’t quite like was it was hard to use the website. On the Tate as not much explanation and you couldn’t look through the whole building like the Birmingham one.

From this event I learned that you can visit arts events without going to the museum or gallery you can visit it online as well. Like I would never have gone to Tate as its in London. I will take away that I can visit arts museums and gallery online and I don’t have to travel away to visit them during the Covid 19 pandemic. And that there is loads of types of art that you can learn about.

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