Unit 1C Online gallery review

I do a tour and review of galleries online

I went to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (online) and Tate Modern Gallery, London (online). This was Monday 18th January- Birmingham gallery and Tuesday 2nd February- Tate modern.

In Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery I did virtual tour of all floors and looked at online collection of fine art. You can have a look more close of what the portraits represent and have clearly vision of it. I did a virtual tour of all floors. I looked in the round room. You can move and look from different angles of the room. You can see a whole map of the building. So I clicked on Mini museum for children. There is soft play, chairs and tables. There are lots of different arts – portraits, sculptures, paintings etc. 

In Tate Modern Gallery, London I looked at room two in the Start Display, looked at Henri Matisse the Snail and did image analysis. You can see some of the rooms in the building how they look like.  You can have audio tour of the building and what they represent for more simple understanding.  You can see the different art collections. We looked at Henri Matisse –the snail. It’s abstract painting and it portrays a spiral of a snail. We did image analysis.

There are different visual arts like painting, drawing, sculptures, printing, photographs etc. These are photos of all the art in the building and some collections they had before. Not all of it is paintings. Some of them are 3D and looks like stones which I don’t think is art. I liked The snail. I like it because represents lots of different colours and it looks colourful.  

I’ve been to other art galleries and museums. Long time ago with my school in Bulgaria. Also in 2017 I went to Denmark and visited ARoS Aarhus Art Museum with my sister. These were similar as there were range of art but different because I actually walk round not do it online. I saw human sculpture and other sculptures. One was knelt down and the size of him was huge. I saw lots of paintings as well.

There was many types of art you could look at and some of them are 3D and looks like stones which I don’t think is art. 

I think its good you see new stuff, learn more about art culture. Let you learn more about painting, artists, art techniques. You also get more information about the story behind the art. I learn about the snail and how Matisse had a new style of art when he was ill and couldn’t paint. Some of us thought the art was too simple then we learned he was ill. 

Some of the art work I don’t understand, the story behind them they give me mixed feeling. Some of them are boring and can’t caught my eye. I don’t like the simple paintings as much, maybe because I feel like you can put more art techniques and decoration.  

I have learned that you can see still see art online while the gallery is closed. And that there is lots of types of art even if I don’t like all of it or think its really art like the stone or the simple paintings. The art makes you feel motivated, good and I would like to see more art in the future. You get to learn about different collections and famous artists.

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