Unit 1C Online gallery review Mckenzie Younger

I did a virtual tour and review of Birmingham Art Gallery and Tate Modern as I can't visit in person due to the restrictions.

The museums/ art galleries I went to are Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and also Tate Modern Gallery, London I visited these online and did an online tour of both of these. I went to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery on Monday 18th January and visited Tate Modern on Tuesday 2nd February.

In Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery I saw virtual tour of all floors, looked at online collection of fine art. I went on to the virtual tour of the place and looked at most of the rooms in the gallery. And in The Tate modern I saw looked at room two in the Start Display. I looked around on a virtual tour online and then looked through their website to see what what’s in the gallery. 

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. They had a tour online for all of the floors of the gallery so that you can see all of the gallery online. I did this to see what was in the gallery because it is closed due to covid19. You could move round each room and click on the map to choose a room. You could zoom in and read about the art and measure the art as well. We looked at the art on the walls and the massive statue in the middle of the circle room and we also looked around the whole of the gallery to see what it all looked like inside.

In The Tate they didn’t have a tour but you could look at different rooms and different art work. We looked in room 2 and at Henri Matisse and his artwork on the wall called The Snail which is 3 meter by 3 meter square. We read about it and listened to the information and did an analysis.  

In the Birmingham Art Gallery the art forms that were involved was a range of painting, drawing, sculptures, printing etc. I liked the statue in the middle of the circle room surrounded by artwork I liked this because the statue looked nice and it was in the middle of a circle room and on the walls of the room there was more art going up to the room this looked nice because there was lots of art displayed in 1 room around a statue.

I haven’t ever been to a gallery before. The only thing that I found that I didn’t expect that the Tate was once a factory but has now been made into an art gallery this was much unexpected to me that a good looking art gallery was made from a factory.

I thought that the Birmingham Museum and Gallery was a good gallery because not only was the art ok looking the building its self-looked very nice as well as some of the art work and some of the artwork went with the rooms. It was good you could do a virtual tour because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see the gallery because of covid19.

I didn’t like how we had to do it on a laptop because I’d rather be outside and be there to see it in person so I can see it all and not just a few rooms on a screen I think it would be better to visit it in person.   The Birmingham virtual tour was good but the Tate wasn’t as good because you couldn’t go round the whole gallery online.

I have learnt that some artwork I think may not look good but it can be famous because of the back story of the artwork. For an example the Snail painting in the TATE wasn’t the best looking painting but the background of it and where the painting was made made me learn more. Matisse used to paint more interesting things but because he was ill he made a new style. Although it seems simple now I know he was ill and at the end of his life and actually he made the work very precise with the colours and shapes.

Some ideas I might take away is that some artwork in art galleries may not look good but the backstory of them is what makes some of the paintings good and what artists have made them. Or even where they were made from, for an example the snail was a huge piece of art but it was made just in a hotel room with painted bits of paper, of scissors and glue which is now presented in the TATE.

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  • Elle Farrell-Kingsley

    On 25 February 2021, 10:36 Elle Farrell-Kingsley Kickstart Team commented:

    Really interesting reflection Jenny, it's refreshing to hear the gallery perspective from fresh eyes.

    I didn't even know that the Tate had once been a factory. Very informative!

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