Born to Flex - another beautiful example of how women are wonderful.

Film-maker Stella Anne Dixon strips away a multitude of crude misconceptions of dancers and the adult industry.

Born to Flex - another beautiful example of how women are wonderful.

Beautiful and sultry shots of dancers combined with open, honest opinions and accounts from women in the industry that invite the audience to let go of our assumptions and misgivings about this world; a world in which those of us that aren’t involved really know very little about. Most of us judge, few of us understand. 

At first the voices of the women sharing their experiences seem almost at odds with the sensational visual, but soon I come to realise that this is simply my own presumptions misleading my imagination as to what these exotic dancers might sound like according to everything I have read, seen in films and all the salacious rumours that surround this world. A world that I now understand is all too familiar in concept, but in reality, is completely alien to me. The brief glimpses of personality these women reveal in the heart-warming voiceover make me feel as though we might be friends, and that the stigma attached to their line of work is outdated and wholly unwarranted.  

 In under 5 minutes, Dixon has successfully brought me into their world, and delivered a wholesome segment of truth about the industry and the women in it. It is both uplifting and fascinating, beautiful and enlightening.

Header Image Credit: Eric Nopanen


Ophelia Appleby

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  • Elle Farrell-Kingsley

    On 17 February 2021, 15:30 Elle Farrell-Kingsley Contributor commented:

    Sounds like an interesting watch, Ophelia! Completely agree that there's a very harmful stereotype attached to adult dancers. "Most of us judge, few of us understand" is a great summary of such!

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