My virtual tour of the British Museum online archives 'Museum of the World' | Review

For my section c of my silver award, on January 18th, I attended a virtual tour of the British Museum's archives called the 'Museum of the World', this is my review of this event. 

My virtual tour of the British Museum online archives 'Museum of the World' | Review

Due to the lock-down, I couldn't attend the museum in real life, so I decided to take a virtual tour of the British Museum's archives, 'Museum of the World', on January 18th 2021. This included an array of forms like carvings, pots, clothing, furniture and tools from all over the world and from as far back as 2,000,000 BC. 

I liked the website a lot as it was very easy to use and was set out well. It divided up the continents and allowed me to move forward and back in time, looking at the artifacts along the way. it was helpful that they also added the key at the side to narrow the search down as it was very overwhelming at first to see all the dots on the page. When clicking on the dots, I was able to see an enlargeable picture of the artifact and an audio and written description of the object this was very helpful as it gave a very in depth description of the pot and other background information from experts, which was very interesting to me as it allowed me to learn more about the culture and history surrounding the art, not just the art itself (which was very beautiful). There was an extensive array of art and I especially liked the ancient Greek pots with engravings of the gods. 

One downside of this archive was that there was only one picture of the objects, meaning that i could only view them from one angle which doesn't always show all of the interesting details about the objects like you would be able to see in real life. This also limits ability to gauge the size of the object and you therefore don't get the full experience of the object. In addition, it was tedious to navigate as I could only use the back and forward arrows which proved slow and not helpful to get to a specific time period.

I would definitely recommend this tour as it gives you access to a large amount of objects in the museum from all over the world and across thousands of years. As well as this, it gives very in-depth descriptions of the objects which included a lot of extra context and information which is very interesting and allows someone, like me, who doesn't have much knowledge about the area the object is from or the history, to have a full appreciation for it. From this, I learnt more about ancient civilisations and settlements like in Africa as far back as 5000 BC and in ancient Greece. This website is excellent and I could very easily have spent hours on it.9497b514a66383320f88184b99962cb4a6fd0b9f.pngwebsite display The concept of the online archives is not unique however the layout of the page definitely is and its the most functional and aesthetically pleasing layout of any museum's website. bac8cd15651819a584fc91c0db5f01e95e874462.pngdc290e807111c6cd04eedc119161055ebf2f7c5f.pngf6d1c2b5fa9a9447da6157cfc05322e77d1cc4f9.pnge9405f56796a02420164cfaf044d94a26461968e.png


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