The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - theatre production review.

My review of the televised dance production of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde shown during lockdown.

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - theatre production review.

Part B. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde . 

The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde directed by  performed at

The dance production first shown in 2016 at The Old Vic is set in the 1950s streets of London where we follow our lovable young florist Dr Jekyll and the twisted and violent Mr Hyde. 

I watched this when it was uploaded to YouTube this summer, like many theatres during lockdown they gave the public access to performances that were previously shown at theatres for three or four days. See details:

It's fair to say I wasn't entirely convinced when I saw an hour and a half dance production of a book I barely knew the story to, but I thought I'd give it a few minutes to see if it looked any good, and after a little while I was completely hooked - Grant Olding's music and Drew McOnie's choreography make for an amazing experience that I can guarantee you won’t be able take your eyes (or ears) away from. 

From the drama of the lighting to the stunning costumes and intricate sets this is an incredibly enjoyable and atmospheric performance. I especially liked the way the dresses flowed as the dancers performed.

I think the team that put together Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde had an especially hard task due to the fact that the majority of people watching this performance know the story, when the twists and characters are so widely known it's hard keep people entertained and interested, personally I think they did an amazing job with this - by focusing more on the dance and theatrical aspects, to an extent the story isn't even the main selling point to this. With the amount of talent and work that went into this  anything performed by them would have been amazing. 

As time goes on we see our lovable Dr Jekyll brewing and drinking his concoction that will lead to the creation of the infamous Mr Hyde, in a dramatic scene that takes place in Dr Jekyll's shower.

After this the mood is changed; as Dr Jekyll's love grows and we're faced with the reality that Mr Hyde will be back. 

The energy in this performance never stops; the dancing never stops and it creates an amazingly energised experience (I felt exhausted after just watching it!).

Part of me liked the fact that it was recorded as it made it seem almost like a film, seeing it from different angles, but I found it ended up really taking me out of the moment and reminding me that I was unfortunately sitting in my living room rather than at the theatre .

All in all I really enjoyed the performance and would definitely recommend it to anyone who gets the chance to see it. It was however made to be viewed live and it shows at points.

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  • Charlotte Ralph

    On 16 January 2021, 16:06 Charlotte Ralph commented:

    Thanks for this review Rose. It seems you really enjoyed this version of the classic tale, through dance and although you weren't able to see this at the theatre as you would have preferred, you have shared how well you thought the dance company were able to create an immersive experience for you. Great review!

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