John Piper Art exhibition- Henley Museum

My review of the art exhibition I visited. Exhibition that displayed the works of great British artist- Mr John Piper. Blog is about that I liked and learnt from this visit. 

John Piper Art exhibition- Henley Museum

I attended an art exhibition that displayed the works of great British artist- Mr John Piper. River and Rowing museum featured work of art by the prolific British artist, including pieces from private collections and loans from galleries around the UK. 

When I initially visited the gallery, I was not sure what to expect, as I did not know much about the artist or kind of art work Mr Piper did. 

About my Visit:

I had some idea about art exhibitions from my past museum visits and most of them had sculpture exhibits.  I was pleasantly surprised to see lot of painting and sketches.  Lots of the sketches and art work were of buildings and homes shown at nights. His art work showed these buildings in bright and vivid colours giving them a pleasing appearance. The exhibition not only displayed the sketches but also had notes explaining the mediums and techniques and other information about the work. I found this particularly useful as I could back trace his steps and get an idea how he would have drawn it. I picked up few tips that I could try. The exhibition helped me with ideas. I learnt the process of layering and composition behind drawings and paintings I could learn new techniques which helped and still help me to this day one of the technique he used was a perspective grid underneath his paintings in pencil to draw buildings. 

The visit to exhibition inspired me know about the artist and venue. 

Information about the Artist: 

Mr John Piper was British painter, who focused on English landscapes especially, churches and monument. Mr Piper started with abstract paintings but moved away to follow his naturalistic piper was also official war artist and work of art showing war damaged buildings made him famous.  

About the Venue: 

The venue for Mr Piper’s art exhibition was – River and Rowing Museum. The venue exhibition curator did a great job showcasing historic boats, Olympic medals and beautiful boats that tells the story of rowing from Ancient Greeks to modern Olympians and trans-Atlantic expeditions.

The works of Mr Piper seem to blend in with the other museum exhibits and was very entertaining. As I child walking though the museum, having different things to look at kept my interest and attention the work on display. 


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Aniket Sampath

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