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My review of Spiderman - Far from home

The film is about the main character Peter Parker AKA Spiderman travelling around Europe on a school trip but it is interrupted by the elementals, which are monsters made of water, fire, earth and air, that are a supposed “Avengers Level Threat”. Peter is struggling to cope with all of these things, including his crush MJ, after his mentor Tony Stark dies. Tony leaves Peter his EDITH sunglasses (EDITH stands for “even dead I’m the hero”  they are extremely hi-tech glasses which can send murder drones to the target from outer space)which the villain Quentin Beck AKA Mysterio takes advantage of Peter, who trusts Beck, and tricks Peter into giving them to him. Beck then attempts to murder Peter’s friends with the EDITH glasses but Peter saves them. 

Overall, the movie was exiting, funny, action-packed and it had a lot of plot twists. I loved the movie and it has become one of my favourite movies in the franchise.

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