A stunning cover of Dua Lipa's incredible track, 'Physical'

Allegra is set to become a huge internet name soon with her unique and innovative spins on well known pop songs. The latest: Dua Lipa's Physical.

A stunning cover of Dua Lipa's incredible track, 'Physical'

A neon-lit background. Cellos begin to play and the light falls on a woman standing in front of a microphone. This is Allegra, and this is Dua Lipa's Physical - but you've never heard it like this before.

Allegra first shot to success with her Billboard top 10 hit, 'All About Us' - a fun and fresh dance-pop hit which saw her tune remixed by some of the biggest names in the business. Taking time out to work on her lyricism and performance technique, Allegra has put out a series of inventively styled cover versions on her YouTube channel, and Physical is the latest.

Allegra is backed by electronic cellos and a keyboard-synth, creating a truly unique sound which not only sets this cover apart from the original, but also sets Allegra apart from her peers. 

Keeping with the theme of unique and interesting musicality, this follows the theme she set out in her previous cover videos; Sam Smith ‘How Do You Sleep’, where the melody was played out on bottles, and Loud Luxury’s ‘Body’, where she was accompanied by a whole drumming troupe.

Watch the video below!

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