Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) movie review

This is a review of one the most funny movie ever- "Guardians of the Galaxy" 2014. 

This review is a part of my Marvellous Bronze Arts Award. 

 Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

“Guardians of the Galaxy” is nothing short of an amazing movie. The most honest  opinion i can say about this movie is that it is the best superhero movie I have seen. It has the impressive set parts and enough action to last you a lifetime and you actually get to care about each and every single character. 

“Guardians of the Galaxy” is not only an amazingly made comic-book film, but as well amazingly well- made film, full stop. It's a captivating film with memorable characters, fun sci-fiction scenes through beautifully cosmic worlds and an almost constant dosage of humor and fun.

I was laughing more than anyone from my family watching this movie and smiling throughout! Movie has one of the best soundtracks and numerous great lines. Effects were brilliant, acting was excellent, and story lines were compelling. The comedy was perfect 99.9% of the time. One cant stress enough is just how fun and entertaining Guardians of the Galaxy is for literally entire two hours run-time. All the actors did a great job at portraying their characters, they all feel like real beings. You get to know about them and their struggles and you become attached to them. Every character in the movie got their time to shine.

As a huge Marvel fan (both comics and film) I was delighted to hear this film was made with the perfect choice of Guardians and what a perfect cast to play them. The film's  hero is Quill (Chris Pratt), an eccentric gunfighter in the Han Solo who steals  a metal orb coveted by the evil warlord Ronan. When he dispatches his top assassin, the green- skinned Gamora (Zoe Saldana), to recover the artifact, the pair find themselves locked up, along with the galaxy's most unlikely bounty hunters – a gun-toting raccoon (Bradley Cooper) and his sidekick (Vin Diesel) who just happens to be a walking tree.

CGI in this film was super.  Never have a seen space look so good, the battles were incredible and Groot and Rocket never looked fake.

Gunn is the perfect director for this, his tone, his balance of comedy, action and emotion blended perfectly. 

If you haven't seen it yet then grab a blanket, bag of crisps and be prepared for over 2 hours of fun and entertainment on high level along side with a talking tree and Raccoon


Ruqayyah Radwan

Ruqayyah Radwan

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  • Kennedy Kids (Teens)

    On 13 August 2020, 04:47 Kennedy Kids (Teens) commented:

    Great review! You've enticed me to watch this now, I love a good comical superhero movie! 👌🏼

  • Carol Leach

    On 4 October 2020, 08:53 Carol Leach commented:

    this is one of the best reviews I have ever read, it's interesting, informative and I can feel your enthusiasm throughout.

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