My Review Of Frank Goffey's "Let's Be Frank" Exhibition.

Frank Goffey “Let's Be Frank” review, Black Swan Arts Round Tower Gallery. For my arts award part B.

I went to this exhibition because the art style was interesting and I thought it would be interesting to see the world through the eyes of someone on the autistic spectrum. I also wanted to go to see how Frank Goffey looked at issues such as climate change and bullying and many other issues we all face.

The exhibition took place in the Black Swan art gallery which is a small art gallery in Frome town centre. The exhibition took place in the Round Tower.  Frank Goffey started drawing on napkins as a child to pass the time at many social events and has carried on drawing since. Drawing helps him understand and process his thoughts adding to his natural thought process.

This was a very interesting and thought provoking exhibition. I really liked the sketchy art style and how effective it is. My favourite piece was one called holding hands and it featured three pictures, two with people extending their arms towards each other off the frame and a small picture of the two hands holding each other which was set in-between the large pictures of the people. It looked amazing and the use of three frames was really effective. 

Overall the exhibition was amazing, but personally I found it hard to understand the meanings behind some of the pieces. A small explanation would have been helpful next to the pieces but the art style of all the pieces was awesome. The exhibition was smaller than I expected, but nevertheless I had a great time and would definitely recommend visiting it. Frank is a great artist and it is also free entry.

From this exhibition I learned that artwork doesn't have to be perfect and it can also be simple for people to enjoy it and to even sell it. 


Aaron Evans

Aaron Evans

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