Honey, I shrunk the kids

I am reviewing a film for my bronze arts award.

The reason I want to review this film is because I really enjoyed the funny scenes in which the kid got scared of a toy dinosaur, the graphics were really old but made the film cool. I have watched it so many times and still enjoy it.

It all started when a crazy dad who built stuff like a shrinking machine which shrunk the kids, It happened because a kid hit a baseball through the window and then turned on the machine and then the two youngest went to get the ball then got shrunk bye the machine then the oldest tried to find them then they got shrunk to then they went on a adventure they managed to bring the kids back to normal size, then both families became friends they had thanks giving together

My favourite part was when the kids got scared because of a toy dinosaur and then they found a giant s'more. I would recommend this film to anyone adventure and comedy.

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Aiden Miller

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  • Paula Venn

    On 2 July 2020, 18:08 Paula Venn commented:

    Have watched this film myself and think the review is spot on. Well done.

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