Mary Poppins Returns - A Bright, Happy and Fun Film

My review of the 2018 Disney film Mary Poppins Returns

Mary Poppins Returns - A Bright, Happy and Fun Film

Mary Poppins Returns is an exceptionally good film - bright and happy and filled with colour. The story was lively and fun. Even though in the background of the kids’ adventures there is a mean plot with a sketchy businessman, it still feels like it can get resolved and the kids are still happy, still having a good time. 

I enjoyed the choice of actors and in particular Lin-Manuel Miranda who was playing Jack the chimney sweep, because he wrote the show Hamilton, which I’ve watched twice. I thought he was really funny and he is a good singer and dancer.  The other actors also really brought their characters to life. The film was set in the 1930s and it felt the right time period with the costumes really helping that.

My favourite song was 'Trip a Little Light Fantastic' as the dancing and lyrics were all great. I love the ladder acrobatics as that is very risky and must be a little scary, but the dancers pull it off great. The lyrics are fun and catchy. The instrumental sections were good and entertaining as the music was upbeat and the dancing was fun and made you want to get up and dance yourself! I like how the chimney sweeps had their own language called Leerie speak as that’s what they call themselves.  I thought the language was funny and very silly. There was one lyric where John says “So we took it to a shop” and Mary Poppins says it in Leerie speak “Like a lollipop” and it made me laugh my head off. 

I really recommend this film if you like having a laugh!

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  • Carol Leach

    On 28 May 2020, 05:18 Carol Leach commented:

    you make the film sound really fun, I may have to go and watch it now!

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