Raised By Queenz

Raised by Queenz honours the importance of women in our lives

Raised By Queenz

You can watch 'Raised by Queenz' here.

Raised by Queenz is a short film which is an ode to the mothers and women who raised us, told through a personal lens. The film uses a relatively mundane scene as a starting point. A little girl (Nyla-Storm Johnson) in a car with her dad (Patrice Naiambana) in a parking lot. As the film progresses that image gains increasing significance as the camera angles shift and the narration comes in. The focus always remains personal and direct, so we’re always feeling the gravity and emotional weight of these moments.

The focus of this film isn’t just on this duo though. We broaden out to really sweet and personal narration on the importance of women and mothers as figures in our lives, being shown various families of all different kinds that are led by women. There’s a particular warmth and humanity to the way that these families are framed, capturing them together with beaming smiles. 

Raised by Queenz relatively straight-forward, but still manages to be incredibly powerful and touching in its message.  

We also interviewed Soph Webberley, and you can read that here.

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