Ffasiwn combines fashion and poetry in this hauntingly beautiful film.


Ffasiwn is a short film that blends fashion, film and poetry to give a perspective on a time and place.

This is a film of visually striking snapshots. Each of these shots is visually striking and communicates something different. Even a still shot of a doorstep gains significance with the spoken word poetry and ethereal music in the background. Everything is abstracted, so the actors almost feel less like actors, and more like pieces of the landscape as they move and dance on screen. Adding to this ethereal feeling is the fascinating dresses each actor wears – these flowing peach dresses are beautiful as they sway in the wind and completely contrast the landscape. Overlaying all of this is spoken word poetry which feels very specific and personal, grounding the stark imagery in personality and humanity.

Ultimately Ffasiwn gives a human and beautiful portrait of a specific space and time.

You can watch Ffasiwn here.

Header Image Credit: Image Courtesy of BBC New Creatives


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