My Barber Institute Review!!

I went to the Barber Institute and this is what I thought.

My Barber Institute Review!!

I went to the Barber Institute to take part in some of their Sunday activities. I found the activities fun because we got to make lots of really weird and cool things.

On the first week of me going there, we made some Monet goggles, which are goggles with pieces of cellophane for lenses, and we used them to look at different colours and if the goggles blocked out some colours. I found out that the red blocked out the green and you couldn't see it anymore. We also drew an impressionism painting painted by Monet and you had to use different colours to make new ones. I really enjoyed my first week so we went back the next week as well.

On the second week, we went to look at the gallery first to get inspiration from the paintings and statues. we were getting texture of the animals and re-creating their skin shapes and what they would look like. In the gallery, there was a rhino called Miss Clara and that was the first rhino to be brought into England. her skin was all bumpy and you could demonstrate it by getting grey paper and hole-punching it. We made headdresses and used all the different textures in our work. There were lots of different animals that we could see in the paintings like dogs, donkeys,fish and lots more!

I really wanted to go the next week but my dad said that we couldn't spend every Sunday at an art gallery. The next week wa soap-carving and I really wanted to go to that because I wanted to find out how you did that!

I would rate the Barber Institute: 10/10!!71dcd53bd31c54e780047cb8f8042024d12b301d.jpgThis is me with the panting by Monet that we were drawing.

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  • Sara Jane Datta

    On 3 March 2020, 12:53 Sara Jane Datta commented:

    Excellent review Arabella! It sounds like you got to take part in some great activities! Well done.

  • Lilia Cooper-Banbrook

    On 30 April 2020, 14:38 Lilia Cooper-Banbrook commented:

    Your review is really good Bella 🙂 thank you for reviewing mine

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