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My issue of concern is the side people don't see in art. The part where artists spend so much time creating and even more time chasing for money they have earnt. Tring to keep afloat as they create their next commission or secure another job. Trying to get their expressions onto paper and be understood for what they created.

This is a concern for me as its a career i'd like to go into but worried that I may not be able to provide for myself.

I googled issues concerning the art world. There are many issues in the art world. Quora magazine discusses some here where they ask the question:

What are the biggest challenges artists face? Is it hardest creating the works? Getting them shown? Finding people interested in seeing the art? Making a living doing what you love? Something else?…

Kathleen Grace, Artist, Art consultant, Instructor, former Museum Educator, Gallery Curator

Answered Sep 29, 2015, saying “ One of the biggest, if not the biggest is making a living. I haven't, no artist I know has. So many of us have had other careers to support ourselves, therefore being an artist is additionally challenged in that it often requires working two careers.”

Gaining publicity is another challenge for new artists although some do cheap work in the beginning to get publicity. I remember my sister doing various jobs free just to get her name known.

Coty Schwabe, Artist (2017-present) Answered Jan 6


This is probably the biggest. When you’re just starting out (at anything), you’re going to be a nobody. This really sucks but it’s true.

I guess when I became an artist, I just expected that people would start buying my paintings left and right, that galleries would reach out to me to represent me, and museums would want to house my art.

Not so.

In fact, very few of the people I know in real life have actually bought my paintings. And even fewer “strangers” have bought from me. I have yet – after two years of painting – to be contacted by a legit museum or gallery to be represented.

You really have to work to make a name for yourself. You have to do shows, or promote yourself online, or go to galleries yourself to get into them.”

Publicity is a major factor in an artists way to get more work. Some try to get into art galleries to sell their work whilst others sell via social media. There are some more luckier who sell for a commission.

Alexis Tryon, Founder / CEO, Article

Updated Jan 2, 2011

“We at Article believe one of the biggest challenges facing artists is cash flow. There is a market for work, although it may be difficult to identify, but an artist needs to pay the bills while creating his or her next collection. The next big challenge is gaining publicity, especially as a new artist, to attract attention from potential collectors. We hope to help with both problems”

It has influenced my views a little as I worry whether I can make it but art is a passion for me so I’d always create but its just weather i'd make it my sole career. I think although artists will always struggle to keep afloat with the balance of work and creation it is a passion that will keep them creating and the world is constantly changing and digital getting quicker which in time will help those artists to create on commission at a quicker rate. We are at an advantage where when we advertise our work on social media, people can see straight away what they are getting whereas in any other business they hope the company keeps to the promises of what they will give.


Reasons to be an artist?

Pros are being able to create pieces of art that come from your mindset, your visual creation. Being able to create what someone describes to you. Being able to visually create what others can't see and being paid for this.

Other pros are that art is unique to every person and can be advertised on social media where we can advertise our art to the world. Unfortunately, there are so many that you need to be able to stand out and be seen but there are ways to do this with themes or sell on Etsy, Facebook, Instagram.…/25-perfect-reasons-why-be…/ discusses 25 reasons why being an artist is the best:

“25. You’re always able to express your creativity

24. Doing work that you actually believe in

23. Being your own boss and not have to answer to anyone else in what you create

22. Being able to put a pencil or brush on paper anytime you want

21. Feeding your creativity

20. Seeing that what you’ve done has made someone happy

19. Giving other people a new perspective

18. Living the life that you want to live

17. Creating art for yourself and no one else

16. Deciding that it is time for something beautiful and surprising is about to come to life

15. You get to see how you progress as an artist

14. Living in a world where everything is an idea or possibility for new art

13. Endlessly being able to learn and grow

12. You have the potential to be famous for something you make

11. Getting to play around all day in your studio

10. Having people tell you how much they like your work

9. Experiencing the flow of creativity

8. The chance to expand your imagination

7. Being able to move people intellectually or emotionally through something you’ve made

6. Making money from something you’ve made

5. The pride and sense of accomplishment after you’ve finished a great painting, sketch, sculpture or installation

4. You get to share your art with the world

3. Working with beauty anytime you want

2. Seeing your art touch someone’s soul

1. Being surrounded by a community of other artists who get to share in the experience of all the great things listed above”


What are the biggest challenges artist face…

Why being an artist is the best…/25-perfect-reasons-why-be…/

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