My BMAG Review!

This is a more detailed version of my BMAG review in my sketchbook.

My BMAG Review!

   BMAG stands for Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. I enjoyed my visit because they had a lot of fascinating exhibits and some beautiful paintings. There were also tapestries, sculptures and a band playing music as you walked in. 

   I especially liked the exhibits about the Staffordshire Hoard and the Ancient Egyptians. I liked them best because I like history and I found the sheer amount of items in the Hoard amazing. Plus, the quality of the items was mind-blowing considering how old they are! I also liked looking at the mummy in the Ancient Egyptian section.

    The BMAG also had a watercolour workshop where I painted a landscape. I liked the fact that the exhibitions were mostly kid-friendly; they also had a kids section called Mini Museum and a Treasure Hunt. They had a lot of interesting facts about Birmingham too. There was a whole gallery on protests, and they also had audio that you could listen to about people who lived in Birmingham. A lot of them had experienced racism, but mostly they were very positive and enjoyable. 

   The final thing: Edwardian Tearooms! They were very nicely decorated and had access to free water, however they were quite expensive. 

   Overall, I give the BMAG 10/10 and I really enjoyed it.


Lilia Cooper-Banbrook

Lilia Cooper-Banbrook

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  • Sara Jane Datta

    On 25 February 2020, 12:57 Sara Jane Datta commented:

    Excellent review Lilia! Lots of information and excellent to see that you took part in a workshop and enjoyed the experience.

  • Arabella James

    On 4 March 2020, 18:55 Arabella James commented:

    That review was really good :) Lilia.

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