War Horse Review

Recently, I watched a movie called War Horse. A horse gets sold and then goes to the war to experience loads of sad and happy events but then he gets reunited with the owner.

I think that the movie war horse is very emotional and sad it starts of when the horse gets sold to a young boy that wants to go in the war they later found out that the young boys father sold the horse whilst he was getting ready for war because he couldn't do the field work that he wanted to be done. Then the boy found out that his horse was joining the war and then during the war all the soldiers could hear a noise coming from no mans land, then they walked over to find the horse stranded in barbed wire they then bought it back to the trench and used the horse for many things. then the young boy then got blinded because of the gas but little did he know his horse was right there, the soliders were going to shoot it but then the boy later found out it was is horse and bought it back after the war.

I think that this film is very emotional but also frustrating when he was so close to the horse but he couldn't see he just knew it was his horse which really shows the connection between him and the horse. they also made it like it was really real looking. I think this film would be suitable for secondary school students and older no younger because they wouldn't understand.

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libby balmer

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