My Opinion On Jumanji

Is it really worth spending money to watch Jumanji?

My Opinion On Jumanji

My Opinion On The First (Modernized) Movie

The movie I'm talking about is the 2017 adaptation of the original 1995 movie just named Jumanji. Maybe it was just an idea for Columbia Pictures to present an adaptation for the original Jumanji but they spent a budget of 90- 150 million dollars. The movie did average and got 76% on Rotten Tomatoes. Movie Critics described it as ''Yet another needless reboot searching for a reason to exist.'' It did not as good as the producers thought it would, though through all the hate of the audience and movie critics, there is a light. Netfix invested in making it publicly available for people to watch it on the website. In my opinion the movie's concerning use of 'comedy' and poor character development and un-relatable vibes make it an appalling movie to watch. But that is just my opinion.  

Is It Worth Watching The Sequel?

In my eyes the answer is... no. But that's for the other section, I need some real criticism for this freak show of a film. I may be harsh but in short, most sequels are bad and that's coming from a person obsessed with Stranger Things but when I finally watch season two I was deeply disappointed. Maybe it was because how much budget a movie spends to make a sequel good, it disappoints me (to clarify, Season three of Stranger Things got me back into the spirit). People may be defensive for their favourite movie franchise but most of them are young children, why? Because of the ''humour''. Lets just put it out there, I have not watched the sequel and I am not enthusiastic to in the future. But there is no chance I am going to spend money to watch such a bad attempt of a reboot unless the comedy increases. When I watch the 2017 Jumanji I was thinking that I was watching the circus when clowns throw custard pies into their faces. Not only is that not funny at all but that type of behaviour is downright childish. That is what I am trying to get out of this nightmare. Step up your game Columbia Pictures. I bet I know why they decided to make a sequel, it is the trick that devilish moviemakers keep a secret. They're in it for the money. They don't care if the audience liked it or not, they only care about that the audience made them lots of stinky money.

The Premise Of The Franchise

The plot is that 4 high school teens get sent into a video game set out in a jungle setting. They also have to play in the bodies of their characters that they chose before playing. One of which was a girl who turned into a man played by Jack Black. It is quite ironic and funny until when about half an hour later the 'Pee Scene' begins. You know where that's going, the teen girl has a wiener. Gross. That is one of the many times they tried to bring childish humour into moneymaking.

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  • Stella Spooner

    On 29 April 2020, 11:32 Stella Spooner commented:

    I do not think it is so bad but i do think they wasted a lot of money to just steal a movie and upgrade it and say it was theres.🤔🤨

  • Ralph Spooner

    On 29 April 2020, 11:33 Ralph Spooner commented:

    Yes, I relate!

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