The Jeff Pitcher workshop

A review of a photography workshop I attended with Jeff Pitcher.

Jeff pitcher is a photographer in his own right. He led a photography workshop at Waterlea adventure playground in Crawley October 2019 where he taught the kids how to use a camera,get effects and process their owns films.. 

I chose to study Jeff after attending his workshop and then seeing his photos on display in the Crawley museum then i got to do a workshop with them. I liked the creativity in his photos.

Jeffs photos did influence me as they are creative and tell a story which i liked. I especially loved the HERE and NOW exhibition held at The Crawley museum which showed photos from now with people holding up photos from long ago but he has matched the scenery in the photos in a way to show the past and the future.

Jeff Pitcher started taking pictures after the birth of his second (of five) children using analogue methods and developing and printing his own pictures.

He won several prizes including Practical Photography’s Canon Portrait competition and his book, Pitcher Book, winning Black and White Photography’s Reader Assignment competition, as well as second place in Amateur Photographer’s Photographer of the Year competition, and having been the subject of features in national magazines including Practical Photography, The Green Parent and Amateur Photographer. He also used photography in his hometown of Crawley, shooting the streets, the buildings and the people.

He has held two major exhibitions at the town’s Hawth Theatre; Then Again, where he combined historic with present day photos.I loved the effect these gave telling a story of history as he then scaled both photos in same position..

Jeff is an amazing artist. I love his work which captures real life moments with so much emotion and action. My favourite was the THEN and NOW exhibition held at Crawley towns Hawth theatre where the photos capture moments in history such a men going to war, punks, old buildings than have long been torn down.

Jeff has retaken the photos now in our present time but holds the old photos over current new ones to show the change but kept the scale.

This has inspired me to capture moments in history from my own view. I loved the workshop where we learnt to focus our photos, zoom in and capture moments. It was a bonus to be able to process our own films.

This art award has pushed me to try new things and not be afraid to create.

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  • Susanne Leopard

    On 21 December 2019, 21:47 Susanne Leopard commented:

    Temariah, you have beautifully expressed why you like this photographer, and you clearly have studied his work.
    As you were rewiewing his workshop, I was hoping to find out a bit more about the actual workshop, what you got from it, and how it was delivered.
    I can tell you are a creative and confident writer, just remember grammar matters, too


  • Sienna James

    On 22 December 2019, 14:34 Sienna James Voice Team commented:

    Jeff sounds like a very interesting artist, his photography style is intriguing. What techniques will you take forwards to your own work?

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