Direct Art Action - Fiona Ravenhall

Local art gallery in Sutton Coldfield

Direct Art Action - Fiona Ravenhall

As part of the Arts award course we took a trip to Direct Art Action which is located in the Gracechurch Centre that’s in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. As we arrived at the gallery, we walked around the gallery and took some photographs of the art work that we liked. Once we did that we did 2 analysis of 2 pieces of work that we liked, we sat at the tables to complete this. The two pieces were by Fran Vere and James Ware. After we did that we interviewed the man who owns the gallery and we asked him questions about him and how he got into Art, we then wrote down the answers. 

At the art event we took a group photo outside the gallery and when we went in, there was a variety of art and photography work up on display so we walked round and had a look at the different works. In my opinion I really liked the art that was created with a broom, there was a lot of detail on it. The art forms that were involved on the works were: painting, drawing, charcoal, and other 2D work, sculptures like metal, concrete and wood, and other 3D work and possibly some Photoshop work. 

I have done some work quite similar to the stuff that I have seen in the gallery, I did both art and photography for GCSE’S and managed to pass both so had to do lots of image analysis. I have done a lot of photography work that involve close ups of buildings, this relates to Fran Vere’s work that she did. I have included some brush strokes in my art work previously and that was what made me like the art work that was created with the broom. 

There was one thing that I didn’t expect to see and it was the fridge that was filled with expanding foam, I thought it looked really weird because the expanding foam was coming out the sides and it was all squashed together. I didn’t really it because it had a negative mood on it. It was a standard fridge that was filled with a load of expanding foam and it had a yellow/light brown colour on it, if the artist had added some different colours, it probably would’ve changed my mood but the colours were quite boring. 

I was immediately attracted to the art work with the broom, mainly because there was a lot of colour and it reminded me of a piece of work I previously did using the same materials, the artist has done it very well because it looked like it wasn’t rushed. I think that the artist took their time to create it. 

From this art event I have learnt a lot of ways to include techniques into my art work, there was a different variety of art and photography work that will inspire me to make my own work in that style. For photography I can try different angles when I take my photographs of either portrait or landscape. The thoughts I will take away with me would be to use more cross hatching in my work and I could also think about including more mark making effects in my Art, mainly shading, this will make the work stand out more. For my photography I will take close up photographs at different angles, up high, down low, on the sides or upside down. I can edit those photos by using Photoshop, this can make the image look a lot better and it will stand out more.

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  • Sienna James

    On 29 November 2019, 12:29 Sienna James Voice Team commented:

    It's wonderful to hear how much you engaged with this exhibit. What was the main thing you learnt from the art gallery?

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