Direct Art Action - Jack Stevens

Galley in Sutton Coldfield

We went to Direct Art Action gallery in Sutton Coldfield on 7th November 2019. We saw different types of art (3D sculpture drawings paintings) and had a look round the whole gallery. Then we chose two pieces of art work to analyse. We also spoke to the owner of the gallery and asked him why he wanted to open an art gallery. We looked at art and took photos of everything. We also sat down and looked at two art works in detail. We chose one photography piece by Fran Vere and a drawing by James Ware. Then we emailed them to ask more questions. 

We saw drawing, edited photography, painting, 3D art sculptures etc. I have never been to an art gallery before but I have looked at art work in detail because I did photography as a GCSE so I had to do an image analysis there. I saw an art work that was a lot of arms held by wire that was unusual. There were some things I wouldn’t have thought were art like a metal cage or random fridge. 

I think the was different types of art there was good because it showed the different types of art that there is like 3D art and more abstract things. There was a good mix so maybe something for everyone to be interested in. 

I found the event interesting because there was a lot of different forms of art so I never felt bored because there was a lot a different art to look at. It was good how you go for free and walk round how you wanted to spend as much time as you wanted.

I have learnt that anything can be art if you say it is art because of all the art forms I seen at the gallery were there for a reason so there is something for everyone. Anything can be a form of art you just have to be creative like using an object like the metal cage or the fridge.

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  • Sienna James

    On 22 November 2019, 10:12 Sienna James Voice Team commented:

    Did anything particularly surprise you about this exhibition, Jack?

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