Direct Art Action - Samantha Shwalbe

Local art gallery in Sutton

Direct Art Action - Samantha Shwalbe

On 7th November2019 we visited the Direct Art Action Gallery, Sutton Coldfield. I walkedaround the gallery to see the art work, we analysed two pieces of art work ofJames Ware and Fran Vere and we sat down to fill out information about the arton a sheet to analyse what we could see. Then we interviewed the owner/curatorand asked him about his career and how he got into the arts industry. 

The different sort of artforms involved were drawings, 3D art, photography, paintings, sculptures andreal life objects. For example there was a fridge full of foam standing up byitself.

This was a new experience asI haven’t done anything like this before. It was unexpected that we could goaround freely and look at the art gallery. It was good that it was free tovisit so it means anyone can go and look while they’re in town.

I thought the different typeof art work was good and how they all vary with different aspects to the pieceof art. There were different art forms which meant there was something foreveryone to see and enjoy. I didn’t like how they wasn’t enough informationabout all art pieces and how the gallery was very cold. When I understood whohad done the work and what it was about, it made it easier to understand. 

I have learnt that there area wide range of different unique art work and that people have very creativethinking and drawing ideas. Anything, like the fridge or the wall of cuddlytoys could be considered art. Lots of pieces of art work I wouldn’t of thoughtthey would have been classed as art so it has opened my mind to a variety ofdifferent art pieces. 

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  • Sienna James

    On 22 November 2019, 10:15 Sienna James Voice Team commented:

    It's interesting you mention about there not being enough information around the pieces. Do you think art is more accessible when more information is provided? :)

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