Direct Art Action - Claire Reid

Local gallery in Sutton

Direct Art Action - Claire Reid

We went to the art gallery in Sutton Coldfield called Direct Art Action on Thursday 7th November 2019. We saw different sort of paintings, pictures, art models (structures) and looked round the whole place and took photos, then analysed two pieces that we chose.

Everyone walked around the gallery and took some photos from it and their details from the work then everyone sat around by the café writing stuff down like describing the picture or painting that they saw. There were the questions to help us analyse the two pieces. However at the end, we asked the man to come over from us to the café to talk about this art gallery or about himself to get the full information so we can understand about how he got into the arts industry and his career.

I have seen some things like these before I went some art gallery but I can’t remember where though. There are also similar things but not the same things that I have seen in the art department at school for art and photography.

There were some unexpected things about what saw because there was some strange handmade pieces of art in 3D but it was interesting at the same time.

I had some questions that can’t been answered without a description about the work. There was a piece where all the arms was sticking out the edge of the wall it was just weird and had some “blood” on to make it more realistic. Another one was the fridge that can’t be explained of what is actually happening or why it looks like this.

There was one piece of handmade art was good where someone stuck all the teddy bears on the wall to represent something maybe something about children and it was cute because there was couple of cute teddy bears and it reminded my childhood and the bears I used to have. 

On the other handI liked the piece which was painting of a flower with different sort of colours and it kind of showed some blended from top of the flower to getting it to blend with it Some pictures were actually boring because some of them didn’t show much details or didn’t impress me. E.g. there’s one with all the pictures of outside of someone’s windows and buildings but you couldn’t see because it was all dark and a bit creepy in my opinion because somebody is taking photographs of peoples windows to maybe represent something I don’t know but other thing it’s just creepy.

I have learnt from this arts event by looking at all the paintings and different sort of structures in the future, if I do something like this I could use their ideas and still made my own ideas at the same time to create more details into it. Also I’ve learnt that a local gallery like this is a good place to start showing my work but that I have to pay something but I could also sell copies of my work in the shop to make some money back. 

My thoughts and ideas that I will take away with me is that this is a good place for local artists to show off their work and good for anyone to go and see because it’s free and near all the main shops in Sutton. I am going to share my review on the art awards website called voice mag.

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  • Sienna James

    On 22 November 2019, 10:23 Sienna James Voice Team commented:

    Fab review! It's great to hear you're interested in an arts career, do check out our Creative Careers section for more...

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