Direct Art Action - Mie Lund

Gallery in Sutton

Direct Art Action - Mie Lund

With my arts award class I went to Sutton Coldfield, for seeing an art gallery. Direct Art Action is the name of the gallery. It is a local art gallery, for local artists. This place is important for the local life. Our local artist can show their work here, and the local people and schools can visit.I was there Thursday 7th November.

We started having a look on all the art works in the gallery, there were lots of different types of art, there were photography, 3D art, drawings and paintings. Most of the pieces were drawings and paintings. When we had seen all the art works, we found a place to sit, in the corner of the gallery, where there were tables and chairs for us to sit down and work together with analyses of two works we chose. 

In the end we had an interviewed with the owner of the gallery. He is also a local artist, so some of his works were in the gallery.

When we had a look around in the gallery, we took individual photos around the in there of the works we liked. The two pieces we decided to analyse was a photography work of the library in Birmingham and the other one was an art work of a woman. In the end we interviewed the owner of the gallery and asked about his work. Then later we emailed Fran Vere and James Ware, who was the artists of the two works we had chosen to analysed. Our email to them was questions about their art and photography works.

A thing that surprised me is, that the gallery is open for free, this is very good service for the local area, because they then make it more attractive, and easy for schools and other groups to come and visit, and get knowledge about the local art life.

It also surprised me that it was one big room, this is very strange, but actually that was one of the things I liked about the gallery, because it gave me a special experience. It made the experience more special, because I could see all the works when I looked through the room. The mirrors over all, made the gallery bigger in some ways, because no matter where you look, you can see art pieces.

A thing that was not that good about the gallery, could maybe be, that compared to how big you felt that the room was, there was not that much art pieces. I felt like there was so much free space. The owner did say some of the work was changing over so there were some gaps so I could visit another time when there is some different work on display. 

In Denmark I have also been at an art museum, it was similar type of things I could see, but the construction was different, the one in Denmark was also a lot bigger, with more floors. So that was another experience I got.

By my visit and work in Direct Art Action I learned about the local artists and how they can get their work on display in the gallery. I learnt that it is possible to have galleries that are free but how you need funding to keep places like this open. Gavin said that Direct Art Action was going to be a charity with funding to keep it open. I got more knowledge about the local artists and how I could display my own work if I wanted to in the future.

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  • Sienna James

    On 22 November 2019, 10:24 Sienna James Voice Team commented:

    What a great piece. Is there anything you didn't like about this exhibition?

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