Direct Art Action - Harrison Jones

Gallery local to Sutton Coldfield

Direct Art Action - Harrison Jones

On Thursday 7th November 2019 we went to Direct Art ActionGallery, Sutton Coldfield.

We walked around the Art Gallery and looked at all differentart exhibitions. There were many Art forms e.g. 3D Art, Photography,Architecture, Painting and etc. There was also strange forms of art e.g. acanopy bed with string going all around it. After we looked at the art we chosetwo different art pieces then we each analysed it. The art we analysed was madeby Fran Vere and James Ware. We were able to sit down at tables to analyse thepiece of art. We also spoke to the owner of the art gallery (Gavin) we askedhim some questions about how he started in the art industry and other questionsto do with the art gallery. We also emailed Fran Vere and James Ware to get moreinformation about their art pieces so we can go into depth with detail of ouranalysis.

This was the first time I have ever done anything like this,it was an enjoyable experience as I saw art work and forms I’d never seenbefore. I was surprised by some of the unusual art work and forms as they wereunexpected. And the size of the art gallery is a lot larger than I expectede.g. there was a fridge with foam coming out of it also there was teddy bearsplaced as art.

I liked how many different varieties of art work and formsthere were. I also thought that in the art gallery they had posters and asitting area if you need to do any research or writing up notes on art pieceswhich was good. Also I didn’t like that most of the art pieces didn’t haveenough details about the artists and the piece of work because it was betterwhen you could find out more about the work. Also the temperature of the roomwas cold but that is expected as it’s a massive room and it will cost loads ofmoney for heating.

I have learnt that there are many different styles of artand that art takes a lot of skill and thought process to complete it. Thethoughts and ideas I will take away with me will be that art is a beautifulthing and it takes skill and dedication and there many more art form other thenwhat I thought. Even if you don’t like everything, there is something for everyone.

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  • Sienna James

    On 22 November 2019, 10:26 Sienna James Voice Team commented:

    Fantastic! Did this experience make you want to explore art galleries more?

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