Jerad Finck Stands Up In The Face Of Adversity In New Single ‘New Kids’

Jerad Finck is back with another track titled ‘New Kids’ which blends his unique lyrical style with technical know-how and acts as a rallying cry to the youth of today to stand up and stand together in the face of adversity.

Jerad Finck Stands Up In The Face Of Adversity In New Single ‘New Kids’

‘New Kids’ is a song which speaks for itself. It is a socially conscious anthem from the self-proclaimed philosopher and musician Jerad Finck. In Jerad’s own words, this song is “aimed at my generation” and speaks about standing up and standing together in the face of adversity.

A true call to arms, the song’s hook “We are the new kids” speaks to a generation of game-changers, the sort of listener who wants to act to make a change in this world which so often pushes the youth to the side. The lyrics come in the form of a rallying cry - “Time to rise up, gonna hear our voices” is sung over what is an undeniably anthemic mix of synths, guitar and hand-claps before the bass kicks back in and we are swept up in the picture Finck paints of a future that is ours for the taking, if we could only put aside our differences and work together to make our voices heard. It’s this powerful message which has led to the success of this track, garnering the video a viral status.

His philanthropic efforts certainly set him apart from the rest of the crowd, especially for an
artist so new to the scene. The lyrics for ‘New Kids’ are a hopeful look towards a future
which is worth fighting for, a message which is particularly poignant at the present time, and really shows how on the pulse Finck is when writing lyrics and releasing tracks.

Set to make his UK debut on the 27th September with ‘New Kids’ and with a selection of remixes and new tracks on the horizon, it seems that this exciting new talent will stop at nothing to get his message heard.

Check Out 'New Kids' by Jerad Finck below.


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