Review of Secret Severn Art Trail

This is a review of a art exhibition at fusion art gallery that I went to.

Review of Secret Severn Art Trail

On 21st of September 2019 I visited Fusion Art Gallery in Jackfield, which is part of Secret Severn Art Trail. During the visit I looked at all the different art in the gallery this included pottery, sculptures, cards, mugs, jewelry and pictures. The pictures included paintings, collages, pencil drawings and printing. 

I chose to go to this exhibition after looking at the website ( I was particularly interested in it because there was a wide range of artists and one of them was a photographer. This interests me because I am doing photography for my gold arts award. There are not many photography exhibitions in this area so I thought it would be good to see an exhibition with some photos in it. I also think it was a good idea because I am putting on my own exhibition at a later time so it will help me look at the standard of art in exhibitions and also how the art gets displayed.

I really enjoyed the art exhibition I had the opportunity to speak to two of the artists while I was there. One of them showed me where her art was displayed and told me how she created it. Her art was paintings done with watercolours. At the end of her creating her painting she got acrylic paint (because it doesn't run on water colour.) and got a paint brush and flicked it on the tree she had done to give it texture. The artists gave me permission to take pictures of some of my favourite art from the exhibition which are below.



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  • Sienna James

    On 1 October 2019, 23:03 Sienna James Assistant Editor commented:

    Sounds like a fascinating exhibition. Did anything surprise you about the artwork?

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