Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams

A review of the Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams exhibition at the V&A museum for my Silver Arts Award.

What was the title of the exhibition/show?

The title of the exhibition was  Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams. It was held at the V&A museum.

Why did you choose to attend this exhibition/show?

I like fashion and I saw a documentary on the exhibition and I saw the paper flowers and wanted to view them in real life. 

Who were the artists and what do they create?

Wanda Barcelona are a design studio and they created the paper flowers for the exhibition.I also saw how Christian Dior used flowers in some of his designs. 

What did you see?

There were lots of examples of Christian Dior and other fashion designers clothes. He died in 1957 so other designers have carried on his vision. The current head designer is the first woman head designer at Dior.

I liked seeing the dresses that famous people like Jennifer Lawrence and Rihanna had worn and the dress that Christian Dior made for Princess Margaret was gorgeous.

The Garden Room had all of the paper flowers hanging from the ceiling and all the floral dresses.

What were your first impressions?

My first impression was WOW! The exhibition was beautiful and the visuals were stunning. In one room, they had twinkling lights on the ceiling and a revolving part that was like a lazy susan for dresses

Did you find anything particularly interesting to you personally?

I liked the princess dress because it was pretty and I’d never seen a real princess dress before. I liked the way the way they used flowers and foliage in the displays and on the clothes and used flowers to tie the display together.

What did you learn which will help you to achieve your challenge?

I learnt how you can display things in different ways so there were some flowers that were high and hanging and some were in displays on the ground. It was good to see the different varieties of flowers and sizes and how some were displayed together and some on their own. 

Did you enjoy the experience overall? Why?

Yes because I liked the difference in fashion between different designers and how they used displays and accessories to make the dresses stand out.


  • Arts Award Initiative

    On 12 August 2019, 01:50 Arts Award Initiative Centre commented:

    fascinating review Poppy, I love that you have achieved so much personal input from the exhibition, seeing it as a way to understand your own challenge better

  • Sienna James

    On 12 August 2019, 18:34 Sienna James Voice Team commented:

    Sounds like you learnt a lot about how curation works in a museum whilst having a great time. I'd love to see this exhibit, I bet it was beautiful!

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