Would you risk it all for a five minute thrill? 


What an unexpected pleasure from the Korean Theatre Directors' Association. Spray is one of a kind. It's deliciously dark and full to the brim with temptation and satire.

Spray tells the story of a very average man whose life reads like the obituary of a bachelor, who died alone and was only discovered because someone complained about the smell.

Going through the motions of his mundane life as the manager of Shoe Store, everything changes when he accidentally opens someone else's parcel. From theft, to manslaughter and the mysterious death of his neighbours noisy cat, he's caught between his moral conscience and his desire to get away with it all.

Spray is beautifully done. It's mime and caricature, it's moving sets that have been innovatively designed and routines that have been extremely well practiced. A truly exhilarating piece that depicts themes of human nature, temptation and suppression.

Even though the whole show is in Korean, it was so well written and so well directed, you didn't need to understand Korean to know what was going on. This made the screens either side of the stage with the translation of the play a little disappointing. I felt it took something away from the performance, especially because you find yourself watching the screens instead of the actors and, believe me, the actors were way more interesting to watch. 

However, putting that to one side, it's a very unique performance that deserves a lot of merit. 

If you’re looking for a break from all the stand up comedy and sketch shows, this is the play to take you there. 

Spray is playing @ Assembly Roxy, 14.35, Central Stage. 

Header Image Credit: fotobee.co.kr, bbaggess@naver.com


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