Van Gogh at Tate Britain: A must-visit for Van Gogh lovers.

Van Gogh at Tate Britain. A look at the time that Van Gogh spent in England as a young man and how he was influenced by this.

Van Gogh and Britain

On 03 August 2019, I visited the Van Gogh and Britain Exhibition at Tate Britain. 

The exhibition comprised several of Van Gogh’s paintings and drawings, some information about his life and other artists works that he influenced/was influenced by.

It included a wide variety of different art forms including oils and prints.

I have been to a lot of art exhibitions before and this one is probably my favorite. I have seen a number of Van Gogh’s artworks before, but the ones in this exhibition were probably some of his best. I also got to see a collection that includes work from his stay in England in the 1870s, when he was quite young.

The exhibition was curated very well and had a large number of varied artworks by lots of different artists, but mostly Van Gogh. It was good how they had some information about his life too.

There were so many artworks that it was difficult to take it all in. Also, I went there on a Saturday Morning and it was very busy. IT might have been better with fewer of the other artists works, and more of Van Gogh’s.

I would definitely recommend visiting the exhibition, especially if you like Van Gogh and impressionism, or post-impressionism.There was a big collection of his work including sketches and other drawings, with completed oils of the same subject. 

I learnt that Van Gogh was influenced by many famous English artists. I also learnt about why he decided to do some of his paintings and what inspired him.

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