Seann Walsh: After This One I'm Going Home

Britain’s Most Hated Comedian delivers a heartfelt and hilarious show

Seann Walsh: After This One I'm Going Home

Seann Walsh is a figure frequently seen in the tabloids since his scandal with Katya, in the new Fringe show he talks about that, but also so much more.

Almost as soon as the show starts Walsh is onto Brexit, whilst most comedians elicit audience groans at the sheer mention of the topic, he manages to find a unique and hilarious angle on the shambles that gets everyone laughing. This specific pattern runs through the show. Whilst most of the content (on topics outside of his scandal) isn’t exactly treading new ground, he manages to nail the jokes so hard you’d think you’d never heard a joke about it before. With so many of these jokes he also manages to fill the space by adding funny physical elements to compliment them. What’s perhaps the most impressive is how effortless it all feels, Walsh has a casual skill and talent, making even a completely improvised joke about cutlery with a Michael McIntyre impression seem like light work.

Most of Seann Walsh’s jokes don’t focus specifically on his Strictly scandal, instead, he looks at his life more holistically. This really works in his favour as it allows him to tell stories in the funny and relaxed way that he is fantastic at. When talking about the Strictly issues, his jokes become more sparse, giving way to short frustrated tangents. He’s also much more visibly emotional when it comes to the topic. Whilst the openness makes for some good jokes, there is also something uncomfortable about watching those pent up emotions overflow.

In spite of all the issues that surround him, Seann Walsh delivers a solid and hilarious hour of comedy that’s sure to please.

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