Baba & Heather: Impulse Control

"We are hallucinating all the time, but when we agree on that hallucination that's when we call it reality."

Baba & Heather: Impulse Control

There’s nothing like a Canadian guy rapping about science, early on a Monday afternoon to really set up your day. 

Baba Brinkman and Heather Berlin are a husband and wife science duo; she lectures, he raps and together, they just work. 

Impulse Control explores the different parts of the brain which, you guessed it, control our impulses. The Limbic System, the Prefrontal Cortex, the Hippocampus; Heather and Baba explain all the words you heard on The Big Bang Theory with a lot more sense and a little less Sheldon. 

Another topic of conversation that came up was freewill. Do we actually have any or is it a myth? Considering some people base their whole lives on their belief systems, I admire Heather and Baba for making it work, even though they disagree. Baba is very much the free spirited, impulsive half of the duo, whereas Heather is the straight talking, sensical, risk-averter-type. The two couldn’t be more opposite ends of the magnet but, we all know how that works out. 

They have that husband and wife dynamic between them that makes them a real pleasure to watch; once all that A Level science comes screaming back to you and you no longer feel like the dumbest person in the room, it’s a very enjoyable show. 

Not that the science duo needed the help but guest star Robyn Perkins, a fellow expert, joined them on stage to talk about her show Mating Selection. Robyn was a hit with the audience – I for one was a fan of her joke about Snoop Dogg and Buster Rhymes forming the only black population in New Hampshire – and she provided a nice interval for the show. Her presence however gave the show a recurring theme of people with stable jobs giving them up to do comedy… ah, privilege. 

Impulse Control is a free show playing at Revolution at 12:25pm every day until the 25th Aug. They do ask you to make a donation on your way out but trust me, Baba’s raps alone are worth it. They rhyme, they're scientifically accurate (I’m sure) and he doesn’t use profanity, what else could you possibly ask for in a rapper? 

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