Right In The Eye

Georges Méliès work is brought to a new generation.

Right In The Eye

Right In The Eye is a movie concert that pays tribute to an illusionist, early visionary filmmaker - Georges Méliès.

The concert opens with narration over some videos and stills (primarily from Méliès’ body of work), explaining in brief terms who Méliès was, from the perspective of his son. Whilst this opening is a little too venerative, it’s still useful in providing a framework for who he is, considering that much of his work is over a century old, making it a lot easier for a new generation to understand exactly why he’s so important and groundbreaking. Their selection of movies also helped with this goal, all being relatively easily accessible in their humour and visually impressive in spite of their age. 

What made this more than just a cool viewing of some old movies was how incredible the music was throughout the concert. The music seemed to both capture and amplify every aspect of the movies, bringing us along for the emotional ride contained within them. Even the instrumentation captured Méliès’ energy, using unconventional instruments like the rim of a wine glass and a toy piano to create strange sounds without feeling gimmicky at any point. The musicians themselves even moved in a way that was fun and almost childlike in its sense of glee - especially their lead Jean-François Alcolėa.

Right In The Eye breathes new life into the work of a filmmaking legend, bringing Méliès’ work to a new generation with the warmth and spectacle that it deserves.

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