Ivo Graham: The Game of Life

Ivo Graham is the quintessential English stereotype gone rogue.

Ivo Graham: The Game of Life

I never thought I could like a person who participated in a Boules tournament with Boris Johnson's brother. I know it’s a whole lot of pretentiousness in one sentence, but it’s OK because Ivo doesn’t like himself for it either. When you’re an Etonian however, who refuses to subscribe to the everyday stereotype of your typical Eton boy, every now and then you have to go to a Boules tournament with Boris Johnson’s brother. 

Before today, I hadn’t seen any of Ivo’s work but now it’s more a story of figuring out when I can see him again. That's probably the general consensus of everyone else in the room as well I imagine, considering the fact the audience was out of their seats half time because they were bouncing up and down in hysterics. A mild mannered, people-pleasing posh boy he may be, but Ivo Graham is the quintessential English stereotype gone rogue in his quest of becoming a comedian, and aren’t we all glad he made the jump. 

Ivo’s show ‘The Game Of Life’ hilariously explores all the things I assume a man of his age (late twenties) has to experience. From having his railcard expire, to becoming a new dad, to then getting a new railcard to finding time to masturbate and feel bad about it, he’s a natural storyteller and he laughs at his own jokes which is a trait I quite happen to like in a comedian. 

The main topic of discussion was how he went from a slightly anxious person with commitment issues to a slightly anxious person with a baby and a millennial railcard. Why are these two things of the same importance you ask? Because that’s exactly how Ivo made it sound. As he said, his new daughter is what he loves most in the world, but she can’t give him a third off all National Rail ticket prices. 

Ivo was on ITV2’s ‘Don’t Hate The Playaz’ who after using a baby rhyme website to write his rap, didn’t exactly slay in the studio. If I had one criticism about the show, which I do, is that I find it very disappointing that I didn’t get to hear the rap first-hand. Ivo if you’re reading this, you might want to think about adding it show, perhaps after all the dentist spiel at the end to you know, lighten the mood. 

‘The Game of Life’ is playing at Forth, Pleasance Courtyard until the 25th August. If you do sit in the front row, be prepared to answer some questions. Ivo had a microphone and he’s really not afraid to use it to interrogate his audience. 

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