Kelly Convey: Telephone Voice

Kelly Convey 'Chatham girl done good' brings us her debut hour which travels back in time to her errant teenage years, through her high-flying twenties as an executive, right up to the life-changing decision to become a comedian in her thirties.

Kelly Convey: Telephone Voice

Kelly Convey is witty, light hearted and at heart, a true ‘chav’. Telephone Voice takes you on her journey from teenage Chatham years, to her breakthrough to success as an executive, right through to right now as she embarks on her prosperous third year in comedy.

Situated in Bunker One in the Pleasance Courtyard, the intimate setting provides the opportunity for this performance to feel more like a chat with an old friend. With humorous interactions with the audience to make you feel as though you’re in the comfort of your own living room, it’s really not one to miss out on.

For those with a working class background, there’s a real nostalgic feel to the way she speaks warmly (and comically!) of her hilarious and relatable experiences growing up. With a Kappa jacket and huge hoop earrings to hand, she paints a picture of the real life Vicky Pollards of the world and through comical scenarios, reminds us to drop the ‘telephone voice’ that so many of us put on and be proud of our roots and working class backgrounds.

As she said herself, if you’re not laughing, you’re learning, as she incorporates witty facts into her stories - who knew the wine industry would be so strict? If you’re in need of a laugh that touches on everything from school days to her time on First Dates, Kelly Convey’s Telephone Voice is the one to go for.

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