Catching Comets - Ransack Theatre

"A disaster movie about falling in love. Or a rom-com about the end of the world."

Catching Comets - Ransack Theatre

In a story of masculinity, superheroes and love - will Toby come to terms with being his true self? Piers Black’s heartfelt yet fierce one-man show, Catching Comets, playing at the Pleasance Courtyard, takes you on a roller coaster ride through your emotions, encapsulating a journey that so many of us are going through ourselves. 

The story of Catching Comets is told through an equally engrossing split narrative that explores Toby’s experience of modern love alongside his superhero alter ego’s journey of stopping a fatal comet hitting the earth. This contradiction in acting styles allows for leading man Alastair Michael to shine in a role that was so evidently made for him. The constant drastic switches between his farcical alter ego to his shy and candid normal self showcase Michael’s commendable skills as you see him giving the role everything he’s got. 

The intimate setting combined with the bare set allows the audience to experience a truly authentic experience. The minimal technical attributes collaborate excellently with the dialogue as we hear the music surging in harmony with Toby’s slow motion, mimed fight scenes and powerful strutting whilst his silhouette is lit by strips of neon lights.

The show is somewhat athletic, with Michael executing high impact moves which resonates excellently due to the intimacy of the venue. Michael multi-roles a variety of characters throughout the hour-long production with dedication, humour and farce that had the audience chuckling throughout. 

This clever combination of technicalities and acting style work together to produce a show that is so prevalent to society today, where masculinity is so frequently paralleled with heroism (especially as seen in the blockbuster action movies that Toby’s character speaks of so passionately!). Catching Comets’ Toby helps us to learn to find bravery within ourselves and that heroes don’t always look like those on the big screen.

Catching Comets is exhilarating, heart warming and honest - one not to be missed!

Tickets and more information can be found on the EdFringe website.

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