Kyriakos Rokas

Exhibition by acclaimed Greek artist Kyriakos Rokas in Corfu Town

On 16th July, 2019, I visited Kyriakos Rokos art exhibition in Corfu. This was held in the Municipal Art Gallery housed in the Palace of St Michael and St George in Corfu Town. 

Kyriakos Rokos is an award-winning Greek artist who works mainly in bronze, marble and wood as well as drawing in ink and pencil.

The artworks were all very abstract, but this made the exhibition more interesting and some of the artworks needed to be looked at carefully in order to understand what is going on in them.

All of the artworks were very good and the artist produced works in lots of different styles. You can also see that the artist has been inspired by other art which can be seen in his version of Vermeer’s girl with a pearl earring.

There wasn’t really anything to criticize about the exhibition and I really enjoyed going to see it.

I would definitely recommend going to this exhibition as it is in such a nice location and has been curated very well.

This exhibition has inspired me to create some of my own abstract artworks in a similar way to Rokos.

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  • Sienna James

    On 31 July 2019, 15:04 Sienna James Voice Team commented:

    Wow, what a great opportunity to see this in Cofu! Do you think understanding the artist's surroundings helped you engage with the artwork itself? :)

  • Charlotte Fortune

    On 7 August 2019, 13:58 Charlotte Fortune commented:

    Hi Sienna. It was so different to anything else that I have seen. Greece has a lot of antiques and has fantastic light and colour. It is easy to see how these would have inspired the artist, although he also traveled quite a bit and was influenced by other artists such as Vermeer.

  • Sienna James

    On 7 August 2019, 14:34 Sienna James Voice Team commented:

    That must've been so great to see. Is anymore of yoru Gold portfolio available online? It would be great to see your arts debate for Unit 1 up on Voice :)

  • Charlotte Fortune

    On 7 August 2019, 14:52 Charlotte Fortune commented:

    Hi Sienna. Not yet. I saw the Van Gogh exhbition at Tate Britain on Saturday and am preparing a review on that at the moment.

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