Life of Pi

Life of Pi, a theatre experience based on the book of the same name written by Yann Martel, was a visually stunning show on its first run at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield.

Life of Pi

I would like to start by saying all the actors in the show gave amazing performances especially the leading man Hiran Abeysekera, who played Pi. He played his role with a true sense of emotional clarity; this made his portrayal of the story feel real and pull every single audience member into his tale of defying the odds. Tara Divina also played an amazing role of Pi’s sister, Rani, the two actors really bounced off each other to give a believable sibling feel.

The puppets used to bring the many animals of the zoo and the ocean to life were a key part of bringing this challenging show to life. Designed by Nick Barnes and Finn Cladwell and further choreographed by Finn Cladwell. The way the actors brought, Richard Parker (the Bengal tiger), to life were incredible you could hardly tell they were there. It was truly a feat of engineering gone right. The designers made all the animals look like they were made of driftwood which I thought was an interesting artistic choice as it gave them a non-naturalistic look but when watching the show it really worked and made it look more like Pi was making the story out of the things that he could have gathered from around him while on the ocean.
All the puppeteers were amazing and made the show look truly beautiful.

The sound, lighting, projection and stage design were beautiful. I have said them all together as without one of them the others will all fall apart. The projection really transported the audience from a cell to the bright zoo in Mexico and then to the rough ocean. The sound and stage were all cues for the puppeteering and the movements they will follow. The way the boat rose out of the stage made a rather beautiful moment of theatre where. Pi just started to rise upwards then he was in the boat.

Overall, I think this performance was an outstandingly beautiful piece of theatre which leaves the whole audience in awe of what they had just seen I recommend going to see this beautiful show before it closes or hope it will be back sometime soon.  

Header Image Credit: the Rotherham Advertiser

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