Life of Pi

I went to see Life of Pi at the crucible on the Tuesday 9th of July

This is a review of Life of Pi. First off I would definitely recommend watching this show as it is full of amazing stunts and is visually spectacular. I loved the performance as it had my attention throughout the whole show and it never dropped the creative atmosphere. It was overall an amazing production, it had so many positives the only thing that could have been improved was the flow of the performance. Occasionally the play seemed to jump forward a bit too quickly and things weren’t fully explained. This is the problem with trying to fit a whole book into two hours.The play started with a simple set, just a bed in a hospital, it stayed this way for quite some time and the back drop behind the bed was a wall with several windows on it with shutters that were closed; these were used later on in the performance. There was actors who came on stage carrying objects such as wooden poles tied together and these were used for different scenes, for example they were used as fencing then straight after used as a gate. I thought this was very useful as there are benefits such as cut down on cost. The back wall opened up to show a market that had many different stories of there own all in one scene. It then switched to a boat using the same market set without the stalls but still keeping the stairs in the background. The shape of the stage from act1 scene1 looked like a boat. Then to my surprise from the bottom of the stage a lifeboat appeared.The puppets they used for the animals were life like. They looked like there were actually animals on stage. Lighting/stage effects, the lighting was used to set the mood of the scene for example when the boat crashed the scene started off with dark moody lighting but when he finally arrived at land the lighting was bright. They had people walking around with fishes on sticks and they walked around in a synchronised movement. This was another great example of using puppets. Near the end when they arrived at land, they projected a beach with waves coming into shore onto the stage as they lay there, which were a great effect.After every scene they projected writing onto a backdrop, telling us the date and where it was. What was good about it is how they always found new ways to project the writing such as they got pieces of paper and held them up together so it could be projected onto the paper. All of the actors had a fair share of lines to learn which they did wonderfully and they all had an overall great characterisation it really showed in there acting. The performances left you with so many questions at the end wondering what stories were true. Whilst watching it your imagination was wild with ideas about the performance.To top it all off the performance had a standing ovation at the end, which in my opinion was well deserved as you could see the effort all the actors and backstage crew had put into it the production. I would recommend this performance to family and friends

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oliver Hope

oliver Hope


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