Life of Pi Review

I saw Life of Pi at the Crucible Theatre on 29th June 2019. This is my review of the play.

Life of Pi, a play based on a book of the same name, is about Pi Patel’s story and what happened during the time Pi spent at sea. After Pi is found, he is questioned by two people, a Japanese ambassador and a Canadian official. Pi recalls his story of his time spent at sea with Richard Parker, a Royal Bengal tiger.

Life of Pi is a fascinating play, delving into morality, religion, loss and more. It is filled with intriguing questions that burrow themselves into the audience’s mind and forces them to reconsider their view on life. 

First of all, I absolutely enjoyed watching this play; the visuals were stunning and the acting was phenomenal.

In the play, every animal is portrayed by a puppet. These puppets were amazing to watch. Their movements were life like and fluid. They were detailed, often requiring more than one person to handle them. Paired with someone creating noises for these animals, they seemed almost real.

The actors themselves did an awe-inspiring job. Each brought emotion into these roles. They showed how complex these characters were and showed these characters had their own lives and their own personality. Hiran Abeysekera, who played Pi, played his character wonderfully, showed that Pi was affected by his time on the boat and was emotionally affected.  The character of Pi had been through many traumas and I believe Abeysekera portrayed that incredibly.

The few problems I did encounter with this play were purely technical. This is such as the revolver on the stage malfunctioning during the play or text not appearing on stage despite the sound effect being present.  Problems such as the revolver did not serve much an issue as the actors were able to continue during the play with much 

Overall I believe, if given the chance, that you should absolutely watch this play. It is filled with beautiful visuals, complex characters and leaves the audience with a new perspective on live.


Edison Chan

Edison Chan

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