Annie at Venue Cymru

A review of the classical musical Annie with Craig Revel Horwood as Miss Hannigan.

Annie at Venue Cymru

I really enjoy the theatre and watching live drama. Annie is one of my favourite films this is why I picked this musical. I wanted to see Craig revel Horwood playing Miss Haningan and how he portrayed the character.

As you walked in you saw the set all laid out as an orphanage dormitory, there was 4 different beds each side with lights and teddy bears hanging out of a big doors and lights from the ceiling. The lighting was very dark and made it look dull and miserable. 

We were sitting close to the front so we had a good view of the stage and the actors. I was excited waiting for the actors to come out and the show to begin.

I was interested in the way Craig revel Horwood adapted to play a woman. I was surprised how good he was at singing in  a woman’s voice. Craig is mainly know for judging and dancing on strictly come dancing and is usually very serious but when it came to playing the part of Miss Hannigan he was acting like a drunk, lonely old lady.

It was inventive how they used people dressed in Yellow, black and white costumes with a taxi sign hat and a steering wheel to represent the well known New York cab during the scene that Annie was walking through NYC with Daddy Warbucks. I liked how the play was replicating the first Annie film made in 1982.

I realise now it is hard to come up with a play based on such a well known movie because they have to snip bits out of it to fit in with the time of the play and not lose the story line, It’s a skill to choose the most important scenes to make up the play as there are so many in the film. 

I think the costume and makeup designs are one the most important things in the play because as it helps to piece together the character. For example Craig’s make up transforms him really well from a man to woman figure.

 I thoroughly enjoyed the experience as they had picked the cast well. I was pleased by the songs they picked from Annie and liked the stage set up. I liked the way they changed the sets, my favourite set was the sewing room and Miss Hannigan's office. I thought they had a lot of character and the colours they used. Miss Hannagins offices was messy, untidy and you could see that she didn't get many visitors.  It was amusing seeing all the characters brought to live by new actors and actresses.

I recommend that you go to see this show it was a fabulous time out.


Darcy Warren

Darcy Warren

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